A New Year, A New Show?

Well, 2018 Saw Noah Your Rights come and go. During the year, we produced 39 great shows. Well, we hope they were great, and we hope we improved as we aged!  Unfortunately for our show and our viewers, http://www.klay1180.com was purchased at the end of 2018 which meant that we lost our radio HQ.

We are working to find a new home for 2019 so stay tuned!

Thanks for listening and being such great fans of the show!  And thank you to Jack in the Box (AJP) and LegalShield for financially supporting our efforts to help people help themselves!

Hope to see you all again,


Noah Your Rights

Welcome to the site devoted to helping you understand your legal rights and resources that may be available. As each show airs a link will be uploaded to this site.

Our first show, “Noah Your Rights”, premiered on 1/2/18 on KLAY 1180am out of Lakewood WA with “What are Legal Plans and how could they help me.” (Episode 1)

Legal Plan providers include but are not limited to avvo.com, arag.com, legalshield.com, HyattLegal.com, rocketlawyer.com and legal zoom.  Legal Plans are one way you can obtain legal advice without paying a fortune.  Most legal plans offer consultations and document review as part of the monthly fee, as well as a discounted hourly rate for cases/matters requiring more legal services.

Self help Legal information providers include nolo.com and your local law library which has hundreds of “Continuing Legal Education” books for WA lawyers that can help you understand a particular area of the law.  Another great self-help book for understanding a lot of different areas of the law (non-State specific) is “The Lawyer’s Deskbook”.

Each week on “Noah Your Rights” we pick up and run with a new topic that may impact you and your legal rights. Don’t miss a show as you never know when you may need some of the information or resources that we discuss.  And if you have a topic that you want us to discuss, send an email to noah@noahyourrights.com and we’ll see what we can do.


Please note that the information provided on this site is not intended to nor does it establish a lawyer client relationship and instead is provided for purely informational purposes. And, please do not email or send confidential information about your legal situation. This is a public educational show and not intended to provide individualized legal advice.