Past Shows

Episode #1 (1/2/18) Listen to Episode 1: Legal Plans with Dan Lear of Avvo

Episode #2 (1/9/18) Listen to Episode 2:  Jury Duty, Trials and Case Review (suit vs Ed Murray/City of Seattle) with attorney Lincoln Beauregard 

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Episode #3 (1/16/18) Listen to Episode 3.:  Granny Trespassers Acquitted of Trespass/Obstruction at Port of Tacoma LNG site and Immigrant Rights with Attorney Blake Kremer  

Episode #4 (1/23/18) Listen to Episode 4: Child Abuse, the Case of #USAGymnastics and #DrNassar, and Case of the Turpins in CA. What are your rights? What is the Statute of Limitations, Who can be sued? Special Guest, Attorney Tim Tesh of Ressler & Tesh.

Episode #5 (1/30/18) Elder Abuse with the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Mark Lindquist and Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Sven Nelson  Elder Abuse Handout 

Episode #6 (2/6/18) Criminal Law and Constitutional Rights with WA Attorney Blake Kremer

Episode #7 (2/13/18) Consumer Law:  Collections, the FDCPA and FCRA 

Episode #8 (2/20/18) Intro to Divorce (Dissolution) in Washington State. 

Episode #9 (2/27/18) Childhood Sex Abuse, the Case of USA Swimming, with commentary and case examples from Special Guest, attorney, Jack Connelly.

Episode #10 (3/6/18:) Medical Malpractice cases in Washington, an overview. 

Episode #11 (3/13/18): Municipal Courts in WA, with Federal Way Municipal Court Judge David Larson 

Episode #12 (3/20/18): Personal Injury, Auto Accidents with Attorney David Bufalini 

Episode #13 (3/27/18):  Arbitration Agreements: The Case of Stormy Daniels vs President Trump 

Episode #14 (4/3/18):  Do We Have a Right to Privacy When Using Social Media:  The Case of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica  

Episode #15 (4/10/18): Facebook and a “Right to Privacy” Updated after Zuckerburg’s Congressional Hearing; and, the FBI Raid on Attorney Michael Cohen’s Office 

Episode #16 (4/17/18): The WA State Legislature — an Interview with Rep. Mike Pellicciotti, from Washington’s 30th District. 

Episode #17 (4/24/18): Employment Law Part 1: Overview, and then Wage/Hour Disputes  

Episode #18 (5/1/18): Employment Law Part 2: Retaliation, USERRA, Sexual Harassment  

Episode #19 (5/8/18): Employment Law Part 3: With Laura Lindstrom, Policy Analyst with the WA State Human Rights Commission. Side Note: Noah references this as Episode 18, but it is Episode #19

Episode #20 (5/15/18): Employment Law Part 4: With Patrick Palace, Workers Compensation

Noah with Patrick Palace


Episode #21 (5/22/18): Sports Betting in WA: A Changing Landscape after the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Murphy v. NCAA.  In Studio Guest: Attorney Brian Conindine with the Gambling Commission. 

Episode #22 (6/5/18): Legal Plans: Legal Shield with Guest Keri Norris, Senior Vice President and General Counsel (Standing in for Noah Davis is Patrick Palace).


Episode #23 (6/19/18): Employment Law: Independent Contractors vs Employees, what’s the difference?  We also discuss WA’s new “Equal Pay Act”.  Joining us are Ellen Saline (Employment Standards Program) and Dave Johnson (Program Manager) from WA Labor and Industries 

Episode #24 (6/26/18): Immigration, Immigrant Rights, a developing but especially disturbing situation (separating kids from their parents at the border).  Joining NYR is attorney Eunice Cho of the ACLU of WA.  Also, Lincoln Beauregard joins with an update on his suit versus the City of Seattle for Violating the Open Meetings Act before its Head Tax Repeal Vote. 

Episode #25 (7/3/18): Special July 4th Show. The years leading up to the Declaration of Independence, the Start of the Civil War and suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus (joining us is attorney Gene Barton of the Karr Tuttle law firm in Seattle).

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Episode #26 (7/10/18):  Interview with Laurie Jinkins, WA State Representative, 27th District. We discuss the Judiciary Committee of the WA House, as well as how bills progress the House and we end with a discussion of the status of the Anti-SLAPP statute. 

Episode #27 (7/24/18): Limited License Legal Technician with guest host Patrick Palace 

Episode #28: (7/31/18): The 2nd Amendment with guest Attorney Blake Kremer

Episode #29: (8/7/18): USERRA with guests attorneys Matthew Crotty & Thomas Jarrard.  

Episode #30 (8/14/18): ABLE Accounts with Julie Robinson (Ringler & Associates) and David Bell (Deputy Director, Oregon Savings Network) 

Episode #31 (8/28/18): Intro to Bankruptcy (101) with attorney Randy Martino, Lombino Martino.  

Episode #32 (9/11/18): Traffic Tickets in Washington with attorney James Burnett, Lombino Martino. 

Episode #33 (9/25/18): Family Law in Washington with attorney Joe Lombino, Lombino Martino. 

Episode #34 (10/9/18): Landlord Tenant Law in Washington with guest attorney Jonathan White, Lombino Martino.  

Episode #35 (10/16/18): Public Schools in Washington  (Teacher Pay), guest is Chris Reykdal, Superintendent of Public Instruction for Washington.